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As we are all aware energy prices keep rising and they never look like there going to stop. Simco can help with them bills by having upvc windows that contain more heat within your home, which will save on energy bills. Upvc windows are the biggest loss of heat in a home typically losing 25% of your homes heat, so don't ignore it.

Simco are in the process of registering with BFRC which is a Scheme in the UK's national system for rating the energy efficiency of upvc windows and is recognised within the Building Regulations as a method to show compliance for your replacement upvc windows installation.

Energy Ratings for upvc windows use a consumer-friendly traffic-light style A-E ratings guide similar to that used on 'white' goods (such as fridges, freezers, washing machines etc...).

With carbon emissions high on the global agenda and the current high cost of fuel, we are all looking for ways to make our homes more energy efficient.

Trade windows rated by the BFRC has a unique label which displays the following information:

  • The rating level - A, B, C, etc...
  • The energy rating eg. -3kWh/(m²-K) in this example the product will lose 3 kilowatt hours per square metre per year.
  • The trade windows U value eg. 1.4W/(m²-K)
  • The effective heat loss due to air penetration as L - eg. 0.01 W/(m²-K)
  • The solar heat gain eg. g=0.43

The benefits of energy-efficient trade windows

  • Smaller energy bills: replacing all single-glazed windows with A-rated upvc windows could save you up to £493 per year on your energy bills.
  • A smaller carbon footprint: by using less fuel, you'll generate less of the carbon dioxide that leads to global warming - typically, 680kg a year.
  • A more comfortable home: energy-efficient glazing reduces heat loss through windows and means fewer draughts and cold spots.
  • Peace and quiet: as well as keeping the heat in, energy efficient-upvc windows insulate your home against outside noise.
  • Reduced condensation: energy-efficient glazing reduces condensation build-up on the inside of windows.

The costs and savings for energy-efficient glazing will be different for each home and each upvc window, depending on the size, material and installer.

How energy-efficient glazing works Save money on utility bills!!!

Double-glazed trade windows have two sheets of glass with a gap between them, usually 20mm, to create an insulating barrier that keeps heat in. This is filled with argon gas. The inner glass pane that is used is K glass(sometimes known as low-e) which reflects heat back into your home. The spacer bar between the glass is a warm edge spacer bar which contains very little metal, which means that cold cannot penetrate through the bar as easily. All these contribute to making 'A' rated upvc windows.

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